Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interactional View

Interactional theory is a theory which is proposed by Watzlawick, basically he had proposed five axioms or rules established in a communications system. 
• Axiom 1: One Can not Not Communicate (one can not not communicate).
Although we do not communicate, but without we realize that communication is present in the message indirectly.
• Axiom 2: Human beings Both Communicate Digitally and Analogically (Humans communicate both digitally and analogically).
Humans communicate both digital and analogue. According to Watzlawick, this problem arises when our digital communications of non-verbal label analogically to act on behalf of our inner feelings. What is spoken is different from what he thought. 
• Axiom 3: Communication = Content Relationship (communication = item relationships).
This axiom will try to distinguish between the actual message (content) and how to say (the relationship). The overall result is a communication, itself.
• Axiom 4: The Nature Of A Relationship Depends on How Both Parties Punctuate the Communication Sequence (The nature of a relationship depends on how both parties to explain the sequence of communication).
• Axiom 5: All Communication is Either Symmetrical or Complementary (All communication is one of symmetrical or complementary).
See the basic axiom of power that emerged in the communication. Symmetrical communication occurs when the same power in the relationship. Complementary communication is when there are differences in the level of power in relationships.

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