Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rewards Self Disclosure

Why does someone have to reveal yourself to others? What type of communication that gives a lot of attention, let us answer this question by looking at the benefits of self-disclosure.
1. Self-knowledge. One of the benefits of self-disclosure is that we gain new perspectives about themselves and a deeper understanding about our own behavior. In therapy, for example, views into the often arise when the client is doing self-disclosure. Clients may be aware of aspects of behavior or relationships which have not know it. Because, through self-disclosure, we can understand ourselves in depth.
2. Ability to Overcome Difficulties. Another closely related argument is that we will be better able to overcome our problems or difficulties, in particular feelings of guilt, through self-disclosure. One big fear is present in many people is that they are not environmentally acceptable because of a certain secret, because of something they once did, or because of certain feelings or attitudes they have. Because we believe that these things are the basis of rejection (rejection), we build a sense of guilt. By expressing such feelings and receive support, not rejection, we become better prepared to cope with feelings of guilt and perhaps reduce or even eliminate them altogether.
3. Even self-acceptance (self-acceptance) become difficult without self-disclosure. We accept ourselves largely through the eyes of others. If we feel other people reject us, we tend to deny ourselves as well. Through self-disclosure and supports that come, we put ourselves in a better position to capture the positive response to us, and we will be more likely to react by developing a positive self-concept.
4. Efficiency of Communication. Disclosure of self-improving communication. We understand the messages from other people as far as we understand most of the others individually. We can better understand what someone says if we know the better person. We can know what the meaning of certain nuances, if that person is being serious and when he was joking, and when he became sarcastic or when I'm angry. Self-disclosure is a necessary condition to get to know other people. You can only examine a person's behavior or even live with him for years, but if that person never reveals himself, you do not understand the person as a whole person.
5. Depth Communications. Perhaps the main reason for the importance of self-disclosure is that it is necessary to foster a meaningful relationship between two people. Without self-disclosure, meaningful and deep relationships are not possible. Through self-disclosure, we tell others that we trust them, respect them, and they will care enough and will link us to express ourselves to them. It then will make others want to open up and establish at least the beginning of a relationship that is meaningful, honest and open relationship and that relationship just improvise.

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