Monday, October 4, 2010

Self Disclosure

Self-disclosure is a process of opening information about yourself to others who have a goal. Typically, the information available at the opening of the information itself is significant. For example, express that you love to play the guitar may not be so important: to open more personal information, such as that you are a Christian and support life or anti abortion, may significantly affect the evolution of a relationship.
Case study:
One day a transfer student named Nana met with a friend - a new friend at school. He was acquainted with her schoolmate Joe. As a new student Nana wants to build a good relationship with Joe. Somehow, Nana Joe eager to tell that he really missed her former lover. However, he considered whether it deserves to be told at the time of first encounter. In addition, he did not want to be perceived as a sissy girl. Nana was puzzled to disclose the problem to Joe.
If we try to refer to the Social Penetration Theory Process according to Altman and Taylor's intimate relationship is not moving toward an intimate relationship because of the self-disclosure. This process allows people to know each other in a relationship. The opening self-help form relationships present and future between two people and make yourself open to other people provide intrinsic satisfaction. Nana understood that he was a transfer student at his school and as freshmen he did not want to damage the image of himself at that time by telling his personal problems. It actually can be solved by social penetration, which requires an "overlap of information will be gradual and self-exploration, respectively - each party involved in a relationship", by Nana to open himself and told the problem to Joe. So also should be conducted by Joe is willing to open up and thinking of Nana. So the relationship between Nana and Joe could well maintained.
The opening of self or self-disclosure can be both strategic and non-strategic. The point in some relationships, we tend to plan what will we say to others. In certain circumstances, opening ourselves may occur spontaneously. Opening itself spontaneously is widely grown in our society.

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