Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25.000 Marijuana Plants Seized

SAN DIEGO - United States narcotics agent (DEA) seized approximately 25.OOO marijuana plants which almost touched the figure of USD100 million. 

The discovery took place on a farm in Southern California, believed to be controlled by Mexican drug cartels.

Authorities found marijuana fields are now being patrolled by helicopter. They also found that the distance of marijuana fields adjacent to a rehabilitation center in Santa Ysabel Indian tribe. Thus reported the Associated Press, Thursday (8/26/2010).

Parties U.S. Narcotics Agent (DEA) is suspected if the tree planted by the group of marijuana Mexican drug cartels. Amy Roderick DEA spokesman said the current heady tree has been moved DEA facility to be destroyed. 

While no arrests were made in this operation since there are no people in agriculture.

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