Monday, August 23, 2010

Homo Reverend Will Marry With Nigerian Men

WILTS - Reverend homosexuals from the United Kingdom announced plans to marry boyfriend of a model of Nigerian men, whose age was 40 years younger.

Reverend Colin Coward (64), a priest at St. John the Baptist church, in Devizes, Wilts, will soon go to the civil records with his male partner Bobby Egbele (25).

This marriage caused controversy among the Christians because they plan to ask for the blessing service at the church after getting married.

Coward who lives with his girlfriend in Marston, near Devizes, said that he hoped the unions see "real example" for other homosexuals in the church.

"My goal is to make all in the church feel comfortable with this situation, because for now most of the homosexuals get married secretly," he said as quoted by the Telegraph, Tuesday (24/08/2010).

Meanwhile the Bishop of Ramsbury, the Reverend Stephen David Conway, asking Coward to remain celibate life, demand is clearly rejected by the Coward.

Under the laws only allow the Church of England wedding couple different types of marriage, while couples with the same type is not considered marriage.

Coward said that Egbele currently only have a visa to visit until July next year. The plan will be submitted couples couples citizenship rights, thus Egbele have the right to be citizens. (RHS)

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