Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beds That Can Withstand Earthquake

BEIJING - A middle-aged man in China got a patent, for a bed that will automatically turn into a box if an earthquake occurred.

Wenxi Wang said, he designed a bed from the closet. He inspired the wardrobe function that can store water, canned food, megaphones and a hammer. Tools that can help a person stay alive for several days.

High board will close automatically, when the earthquake and to protect people who are in it to avoid falling debris.

"Wenchuan Earthquake and Yushu causing heavy casualties. So I think seriously, what can I do to minimize the number of casualties," said Wang (66), resident of Shijiazhuang City north area, as reported by AFP on Thursday (08/19/2010) .

Wenchuan, in the northwestern region of Sichuan province is the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in May 2008, which resulted in approximately 87 thousand people dead and missing victims.

Yushu, Tibetan ethnic region in southwestern Qinghai Province, was hit by an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale and killed in April 2700 inhabitants.

Wang said that bed would be suitable for homes with brick or concrete brick foundation and condition of the building under and bungalows.

He also has made other design patent for five, but there is no design in the commercial production.

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