Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USD1 If You Dare Nude in Front of Obama

LONDON - A British millionaire offered $ 1 million in cash, for anyone who managed to buck naked in front of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Alki David, who occupies the position of the 45th richest person version of the Sunday Times Rich List, making the competition as part of a new site publishing action.

The man who was born in Nigeria was initially offered a reward of USD100 thousand. But the prize was increased to USD1 million, after a competition that invites comments, that the gift given is not commensurate with the reckless action.

Billionaire who has total assets of approximately 1.15 billion pounds, making Battlecam site. He offers readers the tens of thousands of pounds. Prizes are awarded if they are willing to nude, then upload the video, and also broadcast live on its website.

Male 42 years was denied, that there would be a humiliation for the joke. As reported by Orange, on Thursday (19/08/2010). He also dismissed that he was creating security risks for the President.

"I always thought that Americans always laugh at themselves. This has nothing at all negative goals. Only just joke, joke extraordinary without hurting others," he said

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