Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Albino girl beheaded for Magic

Swaziland - An 11-year-old girl from Swaziland was shot dead in front of his friends and later beheaded, police suspect it was made as a ritual.

At that time, the little boy was on his way home after washing clothes and bathing in the river with his friends, but a man wearing a mask pulled abruptly.

At the time his friends saw the incident, all of a sudden he shot the girl before taking it too far. His head was not found in the river after a moment.

This incident is the latest of a series of killings of albino killings in the African region, where the people who have problems with skin pigmentation is always abused.

As reported by the Telegraph, Monday (4/23/2010), the beginning of this year alone, in the same location in Swaziland, a daughter aged 11 years was also killed and his hands cut off.

Police believe that both of these children have become targets because of the belief of the shaman who said that the blood and body parts of an albino patient will bring good luck if mixed with herbs.

A large number of practitioners of black magic cause a human sales. One perpetrator was arrested and imprisoned for 17 years in Tanzania this week because he had been kidnapped and tried to sell an albino man who is still alive.

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