Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Most Expensive Puzzle In The World

BEIJING - China's man trying desperately to unite the pieces of the puzzle bar in the world. Puzzle puzzle is not unusual but rather a collection of high-value bank notes.
Nota bank granted to Ban Jing from his father before his father had died. Money from the bank notes was approximately 20.000 poundsterling.
It turns out the bank notes are very valuable during this disimpang on their home page at Jieking, China for years.
"I immediately ran home and immediately dug out the soil stack, but I found a paper that has been damaged by use as a nest by rats," said Ban was quoted as saying Orange, Thursday (26/08/2010).
Lucky he was able to convince the bank to receive the letter notes. Now the 52-year-old man tried to merge back the bank notes in hopes of exchanging the money saved by his father in the bank.
"Until now we have spent approximately seven hours and managed to unite the approximately two thousand bank notes, but still much work to be done," said a spokesman for the bank concerned.

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