Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grandma's Unique embroidery for Car Covers

ZURICH - approximately 20 people willing to spend time grandmother for two months to embroider a cover of the car's fashionable and unique. Closing a car that weighs around 31 kilograms of this, made of warm wool materials.

This project is an idea from a design firm in Zurich, Switzerland. They intend to encourage young designers to keep interacting with old people who still continue to make handicraft. Thus preached Orange, Tuesday (08/31/2010).

Closing the car is shaped like a giant shoe with laces. Closing this leaving only the wheels of a small car that makes it like a roller skate.

The designers themselves have contacted the Guinness Book of Records to claim as a unique handicrafts, hand-made car cover most of the world.

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