Saturday, September 4, 2010

His Cat Died, The Japanese Man Who Panicked Through The Road

TOKYO - Large Japanese affection of a man against his animals, could create a buzz in the streets of Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan. The man panicked when her beloved cat died and made him drive a car without direction.

Tsutomu Mizumoto arrested by Japanese police after he was speeding in his car, but against the direction. These actions occurred because of her beloved cat died and she had created a panic about it.

Own police responded to a call about the reckless behavior of 31-year-old man and managed to find the car that he drove 15 minutes later. Police were chasing Mizumoto and ordered him to stop.

But the man ignored the warnings of police and emergency blockade through five. He even broke in the toll booth, but he finally got stopped by the police and him immediately.

"I'm sad my beloved cat died. I want to do something crazy," said the man was quoted as saying by AFP on Saturday (09/04/2010).

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