Friday, September 17, 2010

Goat Angry And Destroy a House

Lancashire - A goat hit the glass doors of homes in Lancashire and the irregularly running in a home. Consequently, a house owned by two couples: the loss of thousands of pounds.

The goat kicked the oven door, destroying the flat-screen television, damage equipment, ripped rugs and carpets and also broke the tiles.

The owner of the goat farmer, Frank Cleary, had tried to pursue him, but was unable to stop the goat who was burned emotion.

The goats are believed to be demikan since coming breeding season. He attacked the door is caused not see himself in the reflection of the glass doors.

Paula Smith and her husband Ed's thinking, his house burglar intruding upon their return home to see his house a mess.

"We just left the house briefly to get some fresh air after the clearing house, because there will be guests from Australia, who will come because our daughter would be married," says Paula Smith (53), as reported by Orange, on Friday (09/17/2010) .

While the goat's owner said, now that the goat was with her partner, but suddenly she ran. "At the moment she saw herself in the mirror, I immediately ran after her. Maybe he thought there was another goat," said Cleary.

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