Friday, September 17, 2010

Jade Seals Emperor of China Rewarded Rp 70 Billion

BEIJING - China Seals emperor Qianlong's jade seals was sold for 5 million pounds or approximately Rp70 billion. Though the size of stamp that only approximately 1.5 inches.

The beautiful white jade was carved the name "Zi Qiang Bu Xi" and has a dragon symbol on it.

Period of the 18th century demand more current than the time of the Ming and China market is currently growing.

The stamp is from a private collector from Europe and the emergence of experts re-create the excitement in the field.

Seals are also associated with three other seals provided by the emperor when his birthday is the 80th.

As reported by the Telegraph, Friday (17/9/2010), which were above the dragon is a dragon with five legs that symbolize the emperor and was holding the pearls of fire, known as "pearls of wisdom."

Seals were made in May 1793 after Kasim Jinbao report to Qianlong that the Chief Administrative Zhang Jixi has given a gift of three sets of white jade.

Jade is not yet known when they leave China. But it seems that jade has been taken from the Forbidden City, home to the emperors, at the time of the Boxer uprising occurred.

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