Friday, September 17, 2010

Mother & Child Trying To Smuggling Bodies in Planes

LONDON - The two women mother and child is deliberately trying to smuggle them into the family remains in a plane.

But the effort both to bring the corpse was successfully foiled airport official. They are considered illegal because the corpse was taken when only die 12 hours.

Gitta Jarant (66) and daughter Anusic Anke (41), was arrested at John Lennon Airport, in April when they tried to do the flight with the late Curt Willi Jarant. Reports the Telegraph.

Currently undergoing the airport, they claimed that Willi (91) was asleep wearing sunglasses and put them in a wheelchair.
Willi known to die of old age.

But airport officials are aware of mistakes, so they checked the old man's pulse and found that she was dead.

In a trial that was held on Friday last week, the Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor England did not find sufficient evidence to ensnare both of which are German citizens. 

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