Friday, September 17, 2010

U.S. Tourists Bring 6 Human Skull in Luggage

ATHENS - Greek police arrested two tourists from the United States (U.S.) after found to carry six human skulls.

Human skull was found in a suitcase belonging both these tourists, while the examination at the airport. Coronary own party confirmed that the skull was indeed human skull.

"The skull is known through the scanner at the time of checking in Athens, when they will return to America," said one policeman who did not mention his name.

"The coroner has confirmed that the skull was a human skull," he said as reported by Reuters on Friday (17/09/2010).

The two young tourists are carrying the skull of a souvenir shop in the Islands of Mykonos and is believed to be false.

According to authorities, both released and is currently in the process of trial delays.

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