Thursday, September 16, 2010

After Kill Brother, The Killer Tell Without a Sense

INDIANA - A teenager in the United States (U.S.) not show any emotion when he confessed that he killed his brother. The killer tell without a sense of regret when he trapped 10-year-old sister to death.

Andrew Conley undergo judicial process to account for these actions.
18 year old is told vividly of how he killed his brother. Looks don't regret it when describing the murder.

As reported by the Associated Press, Thursday (16/09/2010), Conley himself claimed, guilty of murder which occurred on 28 November. During the initial trial, Conley looks just lowered his head and did not issue a word.

Meanwhile, when asked by his mother, Conley lightly admit if he did kill his brother. Parties own lawyers are scheduled to get more details until Friday.

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