Sunday, September 19, 2010


Postmodern reject the idea that every person is responsible for the injustices of power. Postmodernism is based on the idea that social reality is constantly produced, reproduced, and changed through the use of language and other symbolic forms. 

Cultural Studies
Introduced by Stuart Hall that his thinking is heavily influenced by Marxism Media is not just the message transmission equipment, but also means to convey ideology. In fact occur imbalance between consumers and owners of capital (media)

Feminist cultural studies
Cultural feminists oppose patriarchal culture. There is a tendency to construct women's media "under the" man. Feminism seeks to bring women equal with men.

Important Race Theory
Critical race theory (critical race theory / CRT) is another example of a cultural studies approach, grounded in the tradition of modern and postmodern. CRT start in the 1970s when groups of attorneys and law students to realize that progress is created by the civil rights movement does not continue, and in fact, a lot of racism that goes unnoticed. The basis for this movement is the idea that state law can not be ascertained - the idea that not every legal decision has a single correct outcome. The movement also has the activists from the civil rights movement - an error of history that needs to be shown - and the form of a radical feminist, drawn from ideas that are not widely known patterns of social behavior found in patriarchy and other forms of domination. Original point was to underlie the modernist approach.
CRT further propose, however, that race is a social construction of race, racism is a product of social interaction that "found people, manipulate, or stop when necessary." This is where the CRT make the transition to postmodernism. Critical race theory to understand that race is not solely or actually located in the structural category but it is fluid and moving.

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