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Intercultural Communication

Understanding Culture
 Derived from the Sanskrit "Buddayah" as the plural form of "Budhi" which means "Budi" or "Reason".
 In English is "Culture" which comes from the Latin Colere means "to cultivate, work on" or "as all the power and human effort to change the nature"

General Definitions
 The whole way of life of a community, not just about way of life that are considered higher or desirable

3 Data on culture
1. Manifestation of culture as a complexity of ideas, ideas, values, norms, and regulations.
2. Manifestation of culture as a complex activity patterns of human behavior in society
3. Manifestation of culture as objects of human works or physical culture

Directing the Cultural Function of human behavior
 Cultural leads society to behave in accordance with customs. And lead him if deviate from social norms and regulations.
 Hope Culture (Culture Expectation)
That is society's expectations of a culture to its members to behave according to the prevailing mores

The influence of culture on communication
 The process of interpreting messages
 Establishment of meaning
 Background experience

Culture directs communication procedures result of perception and attitude formation, that later became standard in communication

Communication function transmits cultural values
 Communications serves as a tool for disseminating cultural values to their communities

Communication between cultures and the wearer
Intercultural communication occurs when there are degrees of background differences between the participants of communication, which is caused by cultural differences.

Intercultural Communication
Communication between two or more people with different cultural backgrounds different

Intercultural Communication categorized as follows:
 The world region
 National / State
 Level Ethnic / Racial
 Level Social Groups
 Individual Level

The importance of understanding Intercultural Communication
 Personal Awareness
 Awareness of Domestic
 International Awareness

Intercultural Communication Functions in Innovation Diffusion
Business campaigning new discoveries to be accepted by society

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