Friday, October 8, 2010

Interpersonal Communication

= The process of sending and receiving messages between two people or among a small group of people with a variety of effects and feedback (feedback)
a. Sender - Receiver
-Inter-personal process can not happen to yourself
-Interpersonal communication-related human
-Interpersonal-communication occurs in 2 person / small group of people
b. Encoding-Decoding
-Actions generate messages and interpret messages
c. Messages
-Form of verbal, non verbal or a both combination.
d. Channel
-Face-to-face (usually) or media liaison
e. Disorders (Noise)
-Physical disturbance: interruption, distance
-Psychological Disorders: Emotion, difference in values, attitude, status
-Semantics-Impaired: Double Meaning of Words, Symbols
f. Feedback
g. Context
-Physical-Dimensions: Where is the communication
-Social-psychological dimension; Status Relations
-Temporal Dimensions: Special Messages
h. Field Experience (Field of experience)
i. Result
Development Process
= Communication is a process that evolved from the impersonal to interpersonal

Impersonal Interpersonal
• general • special
• socio-cultural factor • psychological
• norms • own rules
• Prediction behavior • Prediction explanation

Process Relationships
= Involve The relationship between 2 people who interact
The purpose of Inter-Personal Communication
-Identify yourself and others
-Knowing the outside world
-Creating and maintaining a meaningful relationship
-Changing the attitudes and behavior
-Playing and seek entertainment
Effectiveness Characteristics Interpersonal Communication
• Humanistic Perspective, including:
-Supportive Behavior
• Pragmatic Perspective, including:
-Be sure
-Interaction Management
-Expressive Behavior
-Orientation to others
Interpersonal Communication As a Transactional Process
• Interpersonal Communication as a process
-The series of actions, incidents and events that occur continuously
• The components are interdependent in Interpersonal Communication (interdependence).
-Each component has a connection, either with another component or components as a whole. Characteristics: not to be repeated (unrepeatability)
• The actors act and react
-There is inevitably
-Communications can not be changed
-Communications has the dimensions content and relationship
-Communications includes adjustment process
-Communications can not be seen as symmetrical relations / complementary

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