Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Understanding Psychology
Psychology comes from the Greek word "psyche" which means soul. Logos means knowledge. So psychology etymologically means "the study of the soul, both by his symptoms, the process as well as his background." But the understanding between psychology and psychology in fact different or not equal (according Gerungan) because:
• Science is the soul: the soul of science is widely including imaginary and speculation about the soul.
• Psychology is the science of the soul which obtained systematically with scientific methods

The difference between the Soul and Life
Understanding the soul with the soul is different. Viper is a physical power which depends on the existence of physical life and cause bodily actions (organic behavior) that is actions caused by the process of learning, eg: instinct, reflects, lust and so on
Who's soul is: the spiritual life that is abstract and drives and regulator for all the acts of private (personal behavior) of higher animals to humans. Private actions are the deeds as a result of the learning process is made possible by the state of physical, spiritual and social.

Understanding Communication
Communication comes from the Latin word communicatio derived from the word communis which means "together" or create / build togetherness between two people or more. "Same" here means having a similarity of meaning (tuned together).
Brief definition given by Harold D Laswell, a great way to explain the communication action is to:

Who says What In Which Channel To Whom With What effect?

Another definition given by the group of communication scholars who specialize in human communication:
"Communication is a transaction, symbolic process that requires people to control their environment by (1) build relationships between fellow human beings. (2) through the exchange of information. (3) to strengthen the attitudes and behavior of others. (4) and working to change attitudes and behavior "(Book, 1980).

From these definitions can be obtained as the essence of communication:
"Transfer / delivery of a message to the recipient's information through the media that lead to a result or effect. Submission of the message is not limited to using language verbal but also facial expressions, art and technology."

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