Thursday, October 14, 2010

Presented Yourself

This is one example of how you can present yourself. In communications, it is very important to do. Read the presentation yourself below and then try to make a presentation yourself. Good luck.

My name is Jack. I was one university student. Every day of course, we always interact with other people because as social beings we can not live alone, we always need interaction with others. Life is beautiful when it feels like we always share the sorrow and tears of laughter with others. At least I always felt it with my friends in my daily life. People may see my daily image-friendly and very happy joking, but really I was the one who closed. I can not tell you all things to others and I tend to be more careful in communicating or doing something. If not tell you about my life, and even then only with people who've actually I believe. Maybe I more often listen to others talk instead of me tell you something for them. Experience that form my personality like that and I'm used like this for a long time.

People who are closed, usually have a negative self concept arising from a lack of trust in the ability of its own. But not the case with me, I feel have a positive self concept and I always believe in my abilities do not care about other people doubted me or not. Something as difficult as any I faced, I always fight until I finally found a sense of satisfaction because I've managed to do or finish it with my abilities. Enclosed is my intent in this case means more likely to be cautious in all things and see things not only from one side but the two sides. People may be able to say dare to take risks in doing something, but sometimes when it was at risk, then we understand that not all risk can we accept the roomy chest. There are times when we face a consequence of our actions that we can not forget and always made an impression on our hearts. Therefore, I tend to be cautious and always tried to avoid the worst risks of something I do. Most people might call this by the term "perfectionist".

In making the presentation process itself usually every individual will take over management of the impression (impression management). At this time, individuals perform a process in which she will select and control their behavior in accordance with the present situation where behavioral and projecting an image on someone else wants. So it is with me, when I presented myself, I will take over management of the impression (impression management). At that time I will try to control my behavior to suit the situation where I was and what I will show myself to others. At that time, I will try to open myself to others but still always be careful. In this process, if you show me that you are someone who can I trust, if your behavior can I expect, when I am sure you will not hurt me or betray me then I will try to open myself to you. But I remain cautious to you until I really believe in you 100%.

I have many goals in my present self. The strategy was to take me home / lick (Ingratiation). Although I am always careful but I am very happy joking and hanging out with other people. I want others to judge me as being fun or interesting. I use the common tactics such as praising someone else, be a good listener, friendly, do things that give advantages to others and adjust to the attitudes and behaviors of others. Jones and Wortman gave this name as a tactic of illicit (dark / hidden) because the real perpetrators of hidden motivations. Because the emphasis of this strategy is to build the appearance of a person who is really sincere heart and his behavior was the original (authentic). That's the way I present myself.

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