Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Processes that Affect Perception

Processes that affect perception
Perception is influenced share important psychological process which includes six main processes in the form:
a. Implicit personality theory (implicit personality theory)
Is the condition of the "halo effect" in man that affects the perception of an object. Man if you trust someone who has some positive qualities and he will give the conclusion that the person also has other positive qualities as well, and vice versa.
b. Self-fulfilling prophecy (self-fulfilling prophecy)
Is a condition that occurs in a person who makes forecasts or formulate a belief that became reality because he acts as if it believed it really happened.
c. Accentuation perceptual (perceptual accentuation)
Subjectivity is a process view of the good and the advantages of an object is preferred over the object that is not preferred.
d. Reviewer primacy (recency Primacy)
Is the process of using information that come first to get a general picture of an object and then use that information both to make the picture more specific. From this it can be concluded that the first impression created is more important than the additional information that comes later.
e. Consistency (consistency)
Is the process of maintaining and maintain the balance between the attitudes are selected. Human hoping the preferred object has characteristics that he likes and vice versa.
f. Stereotyping (stereotyping)
Represents a shortcut in conducting human perception. Humans will perceive an object based on background objects are perceived. A thug who lived in the area will be perceived to have behavior that is also like a thug.

Six of the above process in addition to determining the interpretation of the stimulus at the same time also be a factor inhibiting the accuracy in one's perception.

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