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Social Judgement Theory

Nana is a slide Lion Air accident victims A Few months ago. Now he must go Abroad to perform the duties of his office. But now She Became afraid to use aviation services. Joe (nana's friend) Became confused . Because they want both go together May impose. Joe then tried to persuade Nana to want to use the service again the flight. And it gets Worse, the company they want worked Nowhere in collaboration with Lion Air. And they want both are required to fly using Lion Air. 
Social Judgement Theory popularized by Muzafer Sheriff. This theory contains the message That was Quickly after We Hear We then place in accordance with the scale of behavior in our minds. According to Sheriff Muzafer, after receiving the message, We immediately sort out the messages, Which will be addressed immediately and which are delayed. 
According to Sheriff, he saw changes in attitude or response after receiving the message into three zones, namely:
1. Latitude of Acceptance
This zone contains a person's attitude after receiving a message containing a statement about something. Attitude Is the attitude shown to the perception is yes.
Example: Responding to the offer from Lion Air, Joe course IMMEDIATELY Accepted. Because he did not experience a bad thing lion with water in its past.
2. Latitude of Rejection
This zone contains an attitude That indicates rejection of the opinions Received by an objective point of view.
Examples: Unlike Nana, based on experience with Lion Air accident, then he will of reject the offer.
3. Latitude of Non commitment
This zone is formed containing the message and nonchalantly if objectional Can not be Accepted.

Ego-involvement or ego involvement refers to issues as Important as whether or presumption of a in Our Lives. With knowing ego involvement. Can We know how big the persuasive message to be delivered.
Defining Serif Some ego involvement. Among Them;
a. Highly ego involvement
The type of people WHO have excessive anxiety, resulting in difficulty to the persuasive.
Example: Nana is a victim of the Same Trust airline accident years ago. So the mindset Kuncoro on Lion Air is too negative, so he too imagined doing That rejection. That so persuasive shown high levels.
b. Moderate ego involvement
The type of person WHO still has a little positive thinking Easier for the persuasive
Example: Joe in this case have a low ego involvement. Although he watched the news about China Trust Lion Air accident years ago, but when Lion Air Lion Air said that the management has undergone many changes. So with Joe easily believe it will from.

Sheriff defines the high ego-involvement or high ego involvement is a form of membership in a group with a membership Known booth or in a group with a high level of understanding. We have to understand the relationship Between the ego-involvement with the latitude of acceptance, rejection, and non commitment with a view to appreciating the role of one's mental theory of social judgments Happens after when someone Finds a warning from the Received message.
There are two stages of the process of persuasion by the sheriff, the first process occurs when a person received or heard any direct messages and then evaluate it and Put Themselves in accordance with its position to respond to the message or judgments Called Part (assessment phase ). The second phase, an adjust its behavior according to the message obtained.

Judging The Message
That Sheriff claims We use to compare the behavior of points when hear messages are inconsistent with our previous assumptions. Sheriff pointed out That there are differences in the contrast response when someone receives a message the word "hot." Some people DESCRIBE the word is not equal to the fire, but many WHO think the word is meant Sheriff provides an Illustration of the idea of a Relationship Between the perception of ego involvement. People with high commitment has Latitude of rejection is high. All Will Be perceived by messages on their dating is more inconsistent with on their Perceptions.
To assess the perception of a message there are two, namely contrast and assimilation. Contrast is the perceptual distortion That initiated the confrontation of ideas. Assimilation Is The Opposite of valuation errors. The process of assimilation occurs when a message to the latitude of acceptance. People say the person is Experiencing assimilation has undergone a paradigm shift (Because the persuasive influence of a given), but not change its behavior, for example, when Nana was given the Lion That explanation has been Experiencing management changes and believe That he Might agree. But he will from not necessarily change on their behavior to want to use the airline Lion Air.
Incompatibility and behavior change
If Someone gets a message That is incompatible with the original perception of the possibility is open May-person giving A Different meaning in the message. These reactions include behavioral changes in May tau changes in outlook or what was assumed as Previously. Securities are Called boomerang effect.
Nana WHO originally did not believe in the management of Lion Air, after obtaining concrete evidence then it will from turn out to be believe in Lion Air.

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