Monday, November 1, 2010

Mental Ability-Related Feelings (Emotions)

Feelings And Emotions
Feelings and emotions are usually characterized as a state (state) of self or individual organism at a time. For example, people feel sad, happy, moved and so forth-if you see something, hear something, smell and so forth. Symptoms include feeling soul which is owned by everyone who just hue and its level is not the same. Feelings do not know though symptoms include feeling often associated with symptom recognition.
Then what is meant by that feeling? The feeling is the state of spiritual or psychological event like or dislike in a relationship with familiar events and is subjective. In other words the feeling is characterized as a state of the soul as a result of events which generally come from outside, and these events usually lead to jiggle-jiggle on the individuals concerned.
The reaction of each person against the state was not the same as true to each other. Therefore, in the sense of some particular trait that is:
1. Has to do with symptom recognition. Feelings associated with perception of events, is a psychological reaction to the stimulus that it takes. There was a very pleasant experience this state, but otherwise there is also a normal course, and there may even experience feelings that are less pleased. Thus, although the same stimulus, but the feelings generated by the stimulus can be different.
2. Feelings are subjective, more subjective when compared with events other mental health. Although the same stimulus, the feelings generated can vary in character according to the circumstances of each individual.
3. The feeling is experienced as feeling happy or not happy is not the same level. Nevertheless there are experts who argue that while feeling happy and not happy is only one dimension only of feelings.

As has been stated above that feeling arises as a consequence or reaction to the stimulus of the individual, but this does not mean that the state of feeling is solely dependent on the stimulus from the outside, because there are times when something does not evoke a sense of the situation at all. Because of that feeling in addition to depending on the stimulus that comes from outside, also depend on:
a. individual physical condition. If less healthy physical condition can affect a matter that is on individual feelings. In general, people are in a state of pain, is more sensitive when compared with the healthy physical condition.
b. Nature (the ground state of individuals). This is closely related to the structure of private individuals. For example there are people who easily get angry, otherwise there is a difficult person. Thus individual personal structure will also determine whether or not someone is having something easy feeling.
c. Individual circumstances at a time, or a temporary state of a person. For example, people who at one time was frantic mind, would be susceptible to feelings of individuals when compared to that in normal circumstances.

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