Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kinds of feelings

In everyday life often heard of feeling high and feeling low. This situation shows that there is a classification of feelings.
Max Scheler argues that there are 4 kinds of levels in the sense, namely:
1) Feelings of sensory level
This feeling is a feeling based on the awareness related to the physical stimulus, such as pain, heat, cold.
2) Feelings of vital life
This feeling is entirely dependent on physical, such as taste fresh, tired, and so forth.
3) Feelings of psychiatric
This feeling is a feeling like the feeling of joy, grief, fear.
4) Feelings of personality
This feeling is a feeling associated with the whole person, such as feelings of self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness, feeling satisfied. (Bigot, et al., 1950)

Besides, Kohnstamm give a feeling of classification as follows:
1) Feelings senses
This feeling is a feeling associated with sensory devices, such as feelings associated with taste, eg sour, salty, bitter, sweet; related to smell and so forth. Also included in this case feelings of hunger, thirst, pain, fatigue and so forth.
2) feelings of psychological
In this class feeling is still distinguished by:
a. Intellectual Feelings
This feeling is a kind of feeling that arises or accompany an intellectual feeling, that feeling that arises when people can solve a problem, or get new things out of the work of the intellectual aspect. This feeling can also be a driver or to motivate individuals in the act, and this feeling can also be a motivation in the field of science. People will feel happy and satisfied when it can get an opinion or a new theory in the field of science. Children will also feel happy and satisfied, for example if he could solve the problem according to their size calculation that is a matter that is quite heavy. The feeling that arises is related to the intellectual aspect.
b. Feelings of decency
These feelings arise when people experience things that are good or bad according to the norms of decency. Good things will lead to positive feelings, while the bad things that will cause negative feelings. So people will experience positive feelings when he was doing good, so instead he will experience negative feelings if you do bad.
c. Feelings Beauty
These feelings arise when people observe something beautiful or ugly. The beautiful generate positive feelings, the ugly cause negative feelings.
d. Community feeling
This feeling arises with relations with others. If people follow the positions of others, the feelings that accompany it. Feelings can be a variety of pattern, such as hate or antipathy, pleasure or sympathy. Feeling happy is a positive feeling, hatred is a negative feeling. The feeling of nationality is a feeling of community as well.
e. Feelings of Self-Esteem
This feeling is a feeling that accompanies self esteem. These feelings can be positive, that arise when people get respect for himself. These feelings can rise to feelings of self-esteem more. But these feelings can also be negative, which is when people get disappointed. This can cause lack of self esteem. Feelings of self esteem further pared by Alfred Adler, as a character in individual psychology.
f. Feelings Into deity.
This feeling accompanies the belief in God that has the properties of the all perfect. Feelings believe this will bring someone to do good, do pious. Feeling the Godhead is the highest or innermost feelings. Human actions are noble and holy is centered on the feeling to this deity. And the high feelings in the deity does not depend on one's abilities or skills. With the feeling to the deity of all things will be drawn to Him.

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