Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mental Ability-Related Volition (Konasi)

Understanding Willingness
Volition is one of the functions of human psychological life, can be interpreted as a psychological activity that contains an active business and is associated with the implementation of a goal. A goal is the end point of the movement that led to something direction. The goal is the implementation of a capability objectives that must be interpreted in a relationship. For example, someone who has a body, the aim is not to object, but in having that thing ", which is in the relationship (relationship), it's over. Someone who has a goal to become a scholar, with a basic will, he studied hard, although perhaps also while working. In colloquial terms, will be equated with the will and desire. The will is a function of the soul to be able to achieve something that is a strength from within and visible from the outside as the movements.
To make it easier to learn then the symptoms will be divided into:

a. Encouragement, it is an inner strength that has a specific purpose and take place outside of human consciousness. The drive is divided into 2 categories namely:
• Encouragement lust:
• encouragement of appetite,
• encouragement of sexual lust,
• encouragement of social passions, and
• encouragement to imitate lust

• Encouragement for spiritual:
• encouragement of security,
• boost self-assertive,
• encouragement to know,
• encouragement of beauty,
• encouragement goodness,
• encouragement of freedom, and
• encouragement to work.

b. Want, is motivated by sexual, directed at a particular object, or the concrete, want can become a habit practiced. Eg appetite generate the desire to eat something. While the habit is motion acts that went well and as if run by itself

c. Desire, is a particular desire that can be repeated. The characteristics of Desire is as follows:
• Desire is the "motor" driving behavior and human behavior.
• Desire is closely linked to specific objectives, both positive and negative. Achieve something positive means goods that are considered valuable or useful to him. Being negative means avoiding anything that is considered not to have price / order for him.
• Desire forever no symptoms apart from knowing (cognition) and feelings (emotions). In other words: a desire not to split up the work of another soul.
• Desire are directed to the holding of a goal

d. Tendencies, desires an active man who asked for quick action. Desires that often arises or it is called: the tendency, the same trend with inclination. The trend could lead to fundamental predilection toward something.
The trend can be divided into several groups:
1) The tendency of the vital (life), for example: voraciously, love, eat, and so fond of liquor.
2) The tendency of an individual, causing the properties of greedy, greedy, stingy, selfish.
3) Social trends, such as: friendship, brotherhood, charity and so forth.
4) Abstract tendencies, a positive example: obedience to God, honest, obedient, responsible, and so while a negative example: lie, lie and so forth.

e. Lust Lust & Eve. Lust is the encouragement contained in each human being and gives the power to act to meet the specific needs of life. Lust consists of 2 types namely:
• Individual Passion (individual), for example, appetite, passion play, lust action, destructive lust, lust fighting, power lust and so on.
• Social Lust (community), for example: lust to imitate, mating lust, passions come together with others, lust association, desire to protect, defend against lust, lust seeking knowledge, passion prostrate to God
While lust is a very strong tendency or desire and urge a little much influence a person's soul is called lust. With the emergence of sensual desire as if the others are ruled out, leaving only one desire of the ruling and move in consciousness. Besides lust characterized by:
• Feeling extremely affected and the power of thinking can be overpowered.
• Usually accompanied by the emergence of the passions that great powers.
Due to the emergence of these passions physical and spiritual life becomes chaotic and disturbed. The passions that have appeared include: gambling, lust, movies, liquor and so on.

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