Friday, November 5, 2010

Origin and Development of Motives

Crate has been put forward over the man as a living being experienced growth. These developments related to the problem of maturity (maturation), training and learning process. This also affects the existing circumstances in the individual motifs. Due to the above be noted that when an individual is born has brought impulses or certain motifs, especially the motifs associated with individual survival as an organism. Thus, this motif is natural in the sense that when an individual is born has brought certain motives. But then the motives that have brought it as a result of individual development, will experience growth as well. Thus it can be argued that there is a natural motif (naturally) which is a basic motif which is on the individual, and no motive gained through experience and learning process, namely the motives learned (learned Motives). Basic motif is a motif that closely related to motifs that are biological, which is closely related to the physical needs for survival of individuals, such as eating patterns, drinking motives, motives for fresh air, sexual motives. But with the development of the individual, the basic motive will experience the changes, according to the circumstances existing norms.

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