Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kind Motive

Kind Motive
As has been stated above that humans have a basic motif, which is a biological motif, which is the motive for the survival of humans as organisms. But besides humans as biological organisms, humans are social creatures. Therefore besides humans have a biological motif also has a sociological motives, namely the motive to conduct relations with other people. This motif is developed on the basis of the interaction of individuals in society.
Besides, Kuypers argued that human beings in addition to biological and sociological beings is also a theological beings. Therefore, in addition to motive biological, sociological motives, in humans also found a theological motive, that motive that encourages people to hold a relationship with God.
Besides, according Woodwoorth & marquis motif that can be distinguished:
1. Motifs associated with physical needs (organic needs), which is a motif associated with the survival of individuals or organisms, such motives to drink, eat, breathe needs, sex, needs a rest.
2. Motif emergency (emergency Motives), namely, the motive for the act of immediate-action because circumstances demand it, such as motive to remove themselves from danger, fight motive, motive to overcome obstacles, the motive to compete.
3. Motif objective (obyective Motives), namely, the motive to conduct relations with the surrounding circumstances, whether against people or objects such as motive exploration, manipulation motives, interests. Interest is the motive which turned to something special. It has been argued in advance that the individual has had an interest in something, then attention will naturally attracted to the object.
(Woodwoorth & Marquis, 1957)

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