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Traits are aspects or dimensions of personality characteristics associated with response or reaction to someone who is relatively consistent (steady) in order to adapt themselves uniquely. Interpreted also as a learned tendency to react stimulation from the environment. These traits serve to integrate the habits, attitudes, and skills to the patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. While the concept of self serves to integrate psychologies capacities and initiative activities.

Traits are basically trying to explain how you communicate at any time depending on your character in a situation where you as an individual and valid as your own self. can be interpreted as. There are three examples of traits, among others, as follows:
a. Conversational narcissism
Expert conversational narcissism tend to pump their own interests by behavior such as "One-upping" or bragging. They tend to want to control the flow of conversation, especially to provide opportunities for them to talk about themselves. In addition, they are also known to often use non-verbal language, they are known as people who like to show off skills as an example behavior exaggerating gestures, and they tend to be unable to feel or do not want to listen to others.
b. Disputatious
A debate can enhance learning, help people to see others' viewpoints, enhance credibility, and build communication skills. Not all those who vehemently denied. Dominic distinguish between the debates that are positive, aggressive and hostile verbal which is negative. Of course, knowing how to argue well is probably a good solution rather than aggressive.
c. Communication Apprehension
All people may have stage fright at all times, but the nature of communication Apprehension is a chronic tendency in communicating. Communication Apprehension in pathological / health, where individuals suffer from extreme communication and very scared. Communication Apprehension abnormally high could create serious personal problems, including extreme anxiety and avoidance of communication, with the aim of preventing a productive and voluntary involvement in (the) community.

Each has three characteristic traits, these characteristics include the following:
a. Uniqueness: peculiarities in behavior.
b. Likableness: that the trait was there that liked and there is no groove, for traits that contribute to the harmony or lack of harmony, satisfaction or dissatisfaction of people who have these traits. Traits are favored such as honest, generous, and responsible, while unwelcome, such as: selfish, rude, and cruel / ruthless. One's attitude toward these traits are the result of learning their social environment.
c. Consistency: it means that an individual might be expected to behave or act steadily.

Traits in its development is also influenced by heredity and learning. The most influencing factor is (a) the upbringing of parents, and (b) the imitation of children to people who became his idol. Some trait learned by trial and error, meaning that children learn more by chance, such as aggressive behavior in react frustrating. For example: the child was crying and breaking dishes, because they do not buy a toy robot that he wanted. If the act aggressively, parents finally bought a toy the child wants, then the child will tend to repeat these actions. Children also learn to understand that the traits or certain basic properties of highly respected (respected) by all cultural groups are universal, such as: honesty, respect for the rights of others, and appreciative attitude.

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Lita C. Malicdem said...

Nice thoughts on traits and behavior. Traits are influenced by heredity. That's true. Good parents are more likely to raise good children. Another way to shape our traits is through learning. Correct again. The seed sown in us need to be nurtured by us as we grow older and associate with others outside home.

I struggled to read this because of the font size, but it's worth it. I love the music, it kept me going. How did you do that? Thanks.

Seraphi Jhe said...

sorry if the font that I use is bad. That's because this post is too long. I studied it at college and I share it here. Every day I will be diligent in writing to improve the way I write a post. thanks a lot for your advice.

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